Beef Rendang, an amazing dish that originates from Indonesia that has variances all over the world. It is a dish that thousands try to create every day playing with the subtleties that go together.

beef rendangRendang is one of my favorite dishes, actually my favourite dish as it creates a never ending challenge to create.. the perfect Rendang !

For those who are not familiar with it, Rendang originates from the Minangkabau ethnic group of Indonesian  on the island of Sumatra. Rendang is a meat style stew cooked in coconut milk and spices which is very tender and flavorful. Rendang usually made from beef but you can substitute beef with chicken, duck, mutton, water buffalo, cockle, egg, or vegetables such as jackfruit and cassava leaves or even red beans. Malay community usually serve rendang during feast and honoring guests. But have no need to wait for special occasions to satisfy your rendang craving.

Probably the most magnificent Indonesian culinary export, rendang is the contribution of the Minangkabau people from West Sumatra (of which Padang is the capital), and is served on festive occasions such as Hari Raya. It is erroneously called a curry by many food writers in the Western world, but authentic rendang must be dry: the slow-cooked dish has a coconut-based sauce that is heavily reduced so that it eventually fries the meat. Succulent, richly complex and absolutely delicious, rendang is often made with water buffalo, though chicken, lamb and even jackfruit are also used. If you are served rendang with some residual sauce, it is actually a variant called kalio. We’ve dropped the amount of chilli here; if you want the rendang to be of traditional heat, add a few finely chopped birdseye chillies as well.

Rendang is a spicy meat dish which originated from the Minangkabau ethnic group of Indonesia and is now commonly served across the country. One of the characteristic foods of Minangkabau culture, it is served at ceremonial occasions and to honour guests. Also popular in Malaysia , Singapore , Brunei , the southern Philippines and southern Thailand , rendang is traditionally prepared by the Indonesian community during festive occasions. Culinary experts often describe rendang as: 'West Sumatra caramelized beef curry'.Though rendang is sometimes described as being like a curry , and the name is sometimes applied to curried meat dishes in Malaysia, authentic rendang is nothing like a curry. In 2011 an online poll by 35,000 people held by CNN International chose Rendang as the number one dish of their 'World's 50 Most Delicious Foods' list

No beef rendang is made exactly the same. If you are willing to spend time in the kitchen preparing the spice paste, toasting the grated coconut to make golden-hued “kerisik” (toasted coconut in Malay language), and then patiently cook and stew the meat over very low heat so as to dry up the liquid and make the meat tender, you will be rewarded handsomely. Like I did with my beef rendang.

Another fact about beef rendang that I absolutely have to share with you: it only gets better with time, so much so that the Minangkabaus save them for months as the complex taste and flavor develop over time. For everyday home cooks, I will advise you to serve them once the beef rendang is done, but save some leftover as it only gets better overnight.